Cam Damage is new to us at Kink, but bondage and torment are right up their alley. Cam’s a hardcore bottom that loves to be helpless in extreme situations, so being on Device Bondage makes perfect sense. The Pope chooses devices that are designed to ensure ultimate suffering, and he adds his own brand of sadistic play to push Cam clear over the edge. We begin with Cam in a bridge position as The Pope warms up their flesh with a brutal flogging and cropping. He plays the game of “crop or vibe”, refusing to let Cam cum until their pussy is so sensitive the orgasms just can’t be held back any longer. Cam’s tits are covered with clothes pins, which The Pope then slaps off to increase the pain level. The second scene begins and Cam is in a doggy position. Nipple clamps are added, and then weights are added to the clamps to maximize the suffering. The Pope shoves a huge dildo down Cam’s throat and then deep inside of their pussy. The orgasms flow quickly! Next, Cam is in a seated position, put into a mild strappado, more exposed than ever. The Pope takes full advantage of this by getting even more intense. He doesn’t get to play at this level often, so when the opportunity arises to work with someone as tough as Cam, The Pope takes advantage of every second.