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Randall O’Reilly”The Rock”Ht: 5’8″ WT: 145lbs Season W/L record ( 1-1)Bryan Cole”The Constrictor”Ht: 6’0″ WT: 185lbsSeason W/L record (0-1) Our Summer Smackdown Tournament is just heating up as Randall “The Rock” O’Reilly steps onto the mat to face “The Constrictor” Bryan Cole in our third elimination match. Randall steps onto the mat with the cocky attitude any winner needs. He says he’s faced bigger than The Constrictor before and he’ll have no problem taking his ass down to the mat. The Constrictor heard The Rock lost his last fight and after taking one look at him, he says The Rock is just a little bitch who’s ready for another loss under his belt. After three intense rounds the winner turns his opponent into his bitch for the day, leaving the loser covered in cum, while the winner moves onto the quarter finals of our Summer Smackdown!.