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Lilly showed up super bubbly and “ready to try anything once”. The
Pope spends some time letting her know how things go on bondage shoots, safety
protocols, and what to expect during the shoot. What no one of saw coming was this little
pixie being into bondage and torment as much as she was, especially her. She couldn’t
wrap her head around the idea of what was happening to her and why her body
responded the way that it did. She starts mounted to the wall in a brutal device
suspension with her feet well off of the ground. The Pope wanted this little thing up to
his eye level to keep an eye on her since it’s her first bondage shoot. Lilly’s face begins to
smile more and more as the torment continues and her pussy begins to drip. The next
position has her bent over in a doggy position to show off her magnificent ass. She is
held in place with wooden stocks and steel to ensure proper suffering. Nipple clamps are
added and then lots of weight, to which Lilly just smiles more. The Pope then adds three
clothes pins to this whore’s tongue and again we get a big smile. After some torment, he
begins to fuck her pussy and she explodes with one squirting orgasm after the next. In
the final scene she is on her back with her legs spread as wide as they can possibly go.
Her feet are tormented with extreme bastinado before she is made to have squirting
orgasms until her slutty pussy is drained of all of its juices.

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